Phillips LED Interlighting 2.5 Meter length 115 Watts .5 of an Amp

Phillips LED Interlighting 2.5 Meter length 115 Watts .5 of an Amp
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Phillips LED Interlighting 2.5 Meter length 115 Watts .5 of an Amp

Just imagine that all restrictions are removed. Imagine that you can install light wherever the greatest effect is obtained. Now you can.

With Philips GreenPower LED interlighting module it is possible to provide light between the plants – without unwanted heat generation. This has major advantages: all the plants can be lit at the points where they gain most benefit. The results are excellent. Various trials have demonstrated that this enables much higher and more efficient plant production as the light provided can be converted more efficiently into sugars, the building blocks of the plant.

For many years Philips has been developing innovative, efficient and reliable lighting for the horticultural sector. Continuing this tradition, we now present our LED interlighting concept: Philips GreenPower LED interlighting module, specially designed for interlighting. GreenPower LED interlighting module is the ideal energyefficient solution for lighting in between the plants. The GreenPower LED interlighting modules give off very little heat and so require no active cooling. They are simple to install in any new or existing greenhouse. The GreenPower LED interlighting modules have LEDs on both sides, so they can light two rows of plants at once. Depending on the required light level, two or more modules can be positioned above one another.

Philips is now having success not only with tomatoes, but we can also help growers of cucumbers, bell peppers and roses with the GreenPower LED interlighting module. These plants also benefit from smarter use of light distribution, color and heat properties and efficient LED lighting. In combination with the new Philips MASTER GreenPower plus 1000 W, the plants are doing very well and the increase in production is higher than expected.

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