Canna Bio Flores 1L

Canna Bio Flores 1L
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BIO FLORES is a one part certified 100% organic soil nutrient rich in hop extracts for the blooming phase of the plant. Hop is a member of the Hemp family that is grown wild since ancient times in Europe, Asia and North America. Modern herbal medicine practitioners continue to use hops as a cancer preventative, sedative and mild hypnotic, as well as for its endocrine, free radical scavenging and antitumor properties. Our hop extract includes magnesium, protiens and other active constituents like alpha and beta bitter acids in their directly absorbable state and therefore ensures a better flower development with larger, more colourful flowers and enhanced scent and flavour. Alpha acids such as humulon perform as an antibiotic and antifungal agent. Beta acids include lupine, lupulon and luparol for additional blooming strength.

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