Neem Oil Concentrate 30 mls

Neem Oil Concentrate 30 mls
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Neem oil Concentrate is organic and is safe to use right up to harvest. Shake well and warm up in a bucket with hot water then Shake it very well and commence spraying to you see it running off the leaves. Used for centuries Neem Oil from the bark, berries and leaves of the Neem tree, kills protects Or repels a wide variety of insects. E.g. Aphids, Spider Mite, Mealy Bug, Scarab Fly and stinkbugs. Plus many more anything that sucks the moisture from leaves or eats the leaves. It stops their reproductive cycle and they can't eat. Use On fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. Wetting agent assists in even coverage. Use undiluted onto Media for the treatment of larvae and fungus. Use 5 mls per litre for spray application or 10 mls per liter for media or soil application.

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