A Harvest master Pro Plus with Text me Extra the ultimate in CO2 and climate control.

A Harvest master Pro Plus with Text me Extra the ultimate in CO2 and climate control.
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Climate 'Pro Plus' Controller (with CO2 Sensing) • I do the same climate control as the 'Pro' Climate Controller but can also control other elements of your system. If you are an enthusiast or a professional that needs to do more, then you may need me! • I have 8 extra outputs for more actions, which can be triggered by my 8 inputs. It is so easy to use me to control your nutrients, PH dispensers or other parts of your growing system. Everything is set using a simple menu. • How about my "Text Message" modem option! ◦I can call you with updates. ◦I can call you for an alarm condition - overheating, low water / nutrient levels, or for intruders. (Available in countries with GSM networks only). ◦Send "status": I'll call you back with current Temp., Humidity, CO2 level, Day/Night time and what devices are operating. ◦Automatic text message calls for Alarm conditions. Multi level intruder alarms (Doors and windows and Motion detectors!). • Potency in your crop . Organics with flavour, power and production. Intense flavours, maximum flower/fruit creation. • With my automated climate control, CO2 dispensing and day length control (maybe 14hr day/4hr night for 18hr cycle!) , I can have you harvesting bigger, lusher and healthier crops, more often than ever before. • I grow things so much faster; • Under test conditions, we proved; - Lettuces in 2 weeks (not 8). - Flowers blooming in 3 weeks (not 12). - 6-8 week Foliage cycles typically reduced to 2 weeks. Get 2, 3, 4 extra crops every year. Get the security of always getting a bumper harvest. We did! Just remember to come and check me once in a while. I grow stuff so fast, so big , you have to make sure we're not overgrown! We have results of more than 2 inch ” (50mm) growth a day! Test results show an 8 week "foliage cycle" reduced to 2 weeks. Customers report 16 week growth cycles (seedlings raised to solid leaf growth then flowered) all the way to harvest, reduced to as little as 7.5 weeks!!! I have temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors and provide 16 outputs to control: •Lights •Exhaust fans •CO2 •Cooling/Air Conditioner •Heating •Humidifier •Dehumidifier •Spare. As a Timer. Watering, alarm or other •Plus 8 additional actions of your choice Included with me are: •Harvest-Master "Pro Plus " Controller. •Sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2. •Four relay switches so you can 'plug and run' lights, fans, CO2, air-conditioner or heater. Get extras as you need them. •Optional: GSM Modem. *Note Bottle available seperatly.

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